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| March 22, 2016

CyberGhost VPN is one of the top rated VPN providers on the Internet. Get the best CyberGhost Coupon and save now.

CyberGhost has been downloaded more than 7,500,000 times from all countries around the world.

Without a VPN you will leave a lot of traces and data during the packets transit from a source to a destination. These data could be easily grabbed from hackers or people that want to spy on you. In order to prevent this to happen, a virtual private network needs to be established. Where the traffic is not sent in plain text but it gets encrypted (hidden), so hat your details, passwords and other important data are protected and safe from unwanted eyes.

The latest version added a powerful Ad-Blocker technology to get rid of all annoying ads and advertising banners having at the same time a clearer and faster Internet experience.

Another good feature is the IPV6 Leak Protection, that allows you to be protected and shielded against espionage on IPV6 connections.

Like the IPV6 protection, CyberGhost also offers DNS protection. They provide DNS servers to protect against phishing and censorship. This is very important because DNS servers can be used by malicious users to get your data and information. Having custom DNS servers is very important in order to prevent this issues to happen.

CyberGhost integrates an advanced firewall (server-hosted) that adds an additional layer of security while surfing.

The interface is very simple and allows to connect manually or automatically to their servers, even if the connection breaks, it will reconnect.

Additional support for OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP and PPTP protocols ensures that you can effectively be protected with the latest VPN security protocols

CyberGhost gives users unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, an Anti-Fingerprinting system and a military-grade AES 256-bit protection for the maximum security.

They don’t store logs, so that nothing can be recovered for an increased privacy and security.

The infrastructure is based on a powerful cluster of 650+ servers on 30+ different locations worldwide.

CyberGhost works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.

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